Volunteer Resources

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Criminal Record Check

Expires every 3 years.  If you need a new one click the link follow the directions to get one on behalf of CMHC.

Request CRC

Respect in Sport

You have to pay for this online course but receipts submitted by CMHA approved volunteers to the treasurer will be paid by CMHA. Please be aware that this course expires every 5 years, you can check your Hockey Canada Profile to determine if yours is up for renewal.

Online Course

Concussion Awareness Training

Mandatory.  Only takes 30 minutes.


Planning a Safe Return to Hockey

Hockey Canada has developed an online course to inform players, parents, safety people, officials and coaches on how to navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19. The course is mandatory for: coaches, safety people and officials prior to registering for the 2020-21 season. It is also available and suggested for parents to educate themselves regarding the protocols in place for their child(ren)

Course Link
Tournament Management

Tournament Guidlines

"The Spreadsheet".  Has all the activities that need to be taken care of for a successful tournament.  Just make sure someone is assigned to every task and that things are done in time.


Tournament Job Descriptions

Outlines in detail every volunteer position called out in the spreadsheet.


Sample Tournament Rules

A starting point for your tournament rules.  You can adjust them within reason, but make sure guests know about anything unusual.


Sample Parent Email

Something you can use to reiterate to the parent pool what should have been communicated via a meeting at some point.  Calls out the jobs and requests people step up to fill them.   Also notes basket/raffle/etc plans.


Sample Donor Letter

A starting point for a request for donations.  Try to use the Tournament Coordinator to see if there's a master list of who in the community has donated to what, because the businesses tend to get quite a few tournament donation requests and some have expressed fatigue.